August 12, 2022
About Amanda Milius, All You Need To Know !

About Amanda Milius, All You Need To Know ! – Amanda Milius is a Los Angeles-based director of the upcoming Pro-Trump Russiagate documentary “The Plot Against the President.” She is concerned about her private life and she has not openly disclosed her date of birth. She is accepted to be strikingly similar to her father to her John Milius, who is an outstanding director and screenwriter for the most part recognized for Apocalypse Now, Dirty Harry, Big Wednesday and many more. You are a director, producer and writer by profession.

As her father, John, Amanda also followed in her father’s footsteps. In 2020 he directed a documentary called The Plot Against The President. He has credits for producing, writing and directing documentaries and television series. ( Source : )

Some fun facts about Amanda Milius

About Amanda Milius, All You Need To Know !Talented staff Amanda has a verified Instagram account with over six thousand followers to date. Likewise, you have an official Facebook account.

Moving on to the details of her parents, the names of Miliuss’s father and mother are John Milius and Celia Kaye respectively. In fact, she is very close to her family.She has siblings named Ethan Jedediah Milius and Marco Alexander Milius.

According to IMDb, Amanda has worked in different departments such as Camera and Production departments.
Where is she now? Amanda is working on her latest project in Orlando. In describing her net worth, you are evaluating Amanda’s current net worth. To our knowledge, your income is in the thousands of dollars.

Amanda Milius is a resident of Los Angeles, California, having been born there, and in light of her appearance, we accept that she may be in her early twenties. She grew up with her father John Milius, the incredible director and screenwriter who is very well known for his way of traveling the world and her mother Celia Kaye is also an unmistakable artist. Amanda finished her exams at New School University with a significant focus on the areas of philosophy and film. She later joined the USC School of Motion Picture Arts, during which she finished her proposed film “The Lotus Gun” for her USC MFA program in 2015, which will be presented at upcoming celebrations and film screenings in Worldwide.

Childhood and family

Amanda Milius was born into a wealthy family. But he was raised by parents in Los Angeles, California, USA Amanda Milius’ father’s name was John Milius and his mother’s name was Celia Kaye. He is in close contact with his family. He also has the names of his brothers Marco Alexander Milius and Ethan Jedediah Milius.
Amanda Milius Mari, married to Amanda Milius


Amanda Milius is single. She never revealed anything about her relationship with her partner’s status in social media. He keeps his private life a secret.

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