June 28, 2022

North Carolina Clerk of Court Estate Forms

The Clerk also acts as administrator of court records and is responsible for maintaining and maintaining those records. The Clerk of the Superior Court is proud to serve the citizens of Craven County, lead an office team and maintain positive relationships in the community. The administration of an estate is an essential responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Maladministration of the estate could result in a lawsuit or the administrator could be detained for contempt of court. Spanish: www.nccourts.gov/assets/documents/forms/e850-spanish.pdf?N8J3hM6djy3povKty80yabkAAmJg_GVw Looking for local rules and forms? Find them by county or browse all local forms. eCourts Guide & File NOW AVAILABLE to help users prepare court documents for specific types of cases. Learn more or start a submission. After the death of a person, the Department of Succession appoints a personal representative to administer the estate at the request of an executor named in a will or a family member. The personal representative must take an oath and possibly deposit a security to protect the estate`s assets against fraud or maladministration. In addition, the personal representative must present accounts detailing all personal property obtained from the estate and all property distributed by the estate. These accounts are carefully audited by the Estates Division. Receipts, cancelled cheques, bank statements and payment receipts must be submitted to the Estates Division for review.

From 23.08.2021, medical inspectors will be stationed in front of all courthouses. All medical matters are submitted to the examiners, who submit to the judge in the courtroom. Extensions for medical reasons must be submitted to a judge and cannot be granted by the court registry or the Public Prosecutor`s Office. For more information, please refer to our current administrative order. Please consult the following link to obtain all the information relating to our matters of public interest: www.nccourts.gov/locations/alamance-county/alamance-county-cases-of-public-interest English: www.nccourts.gov/assets/documents/forms/e850-en.pdf?wAfy5o3sqw7oCN0qFSPp5N1aWnKA7nNK The Clerk of the Superior Court is an elected judicial officer and exercises his functions for a term of four years. In North Carolina, the clerk is the director of the office and an ex officio judge of successions. As such, the author has the original and exclusive responsibility for the administration of the estates of the deceased, minors and incompetent adults. To begin administering the estate of a deceased, you must submit the following points and information to the Estates Division: The Alamance County Clerk`s Office will begin on June 1, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. .m to 5:00 p.m.m with new hours.

For a brochure on probate procedures for executors, administrators, affidavit collectors and summary administration, please click on the following links: VERKEHRSGERICHT 12/03/2021 14:00 p.m. takes place in the J.B. Allen Criminal Courthouse at 212 W. Elm Street, Graham NC 27253. eCourts Probate: Small Estate Administration (Step 1) eCourts Probate: Annual Allowance Application eCourts Probate: Summary Administration Application As of 7/21/2021, all persons entering the Alamance County Courthouse facilities must wear a face mask in accordance with the latest administrative order of the Superior Court Resident Senior Judge, D. Thomas Lambeth Jr. and the Chief Justice of the District Court. Bradley Reid Allen Sr. View adoption forms on the DHHS website at policies.ncdhhs. .

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